Thursday, August 26, 2004

Bad August Part 2

Item 2: This.The picture was bad enough. The fact that his campaign let the picture be taken was worse. The fact that they tried to suggest NASA was up to dirty tricks was even worse. But the height of the ineptness was that they gave the picture and the story two extra days of airtime by fighting it instead of dropping it.This happens so often it is absolutely stunning. A story so small and stupid that the press would be embarrassed to mention it twice gets days of airplay because the politician's hacks come out and question some trivial aspect of it. Note to spinners: no one gives a damn whether Kerry posed for the photo or whether some NASA flunkie released it on his own. The issue is the photo not its origin. Similarly, it doesn't matter whether information about George W. Bush's drunk driving record came from a democrat in the sheriff's department. The issue is the record. Deal with it and go forward. By avoiding the issue and questioning the process you are implying that you can't deal with the issue and giving the story traction.


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