Thursday, August 26, 2004

Bad August Part 3

Item 3: advertising.To husband his resources Kerry decided not to run ads during the month of August. I'll give him this: no guts, no glory. You gotta throw the long ball sometime and Kerry did it here. Rather than try to build some momentum on the heels of the convention, Kerry decided to hold the cash for a blitz in Sept and Oct. But....It is August. Every august the press runs stories on... well on ANYTHING because for some cosmic reason nothing happens in August. This is THE month to make some waves 'cause the talking heads have nothing but time. Here is a hint: talk about Iraq. A lot. This is the one spot where people are unsure about Bush. The press would trip all over their dicks to spend the whole month talking down Iraq. Instead Kerry closes up shop the exact instant that the Swift Boat Vets take to the airwaves.


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