Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Buzz

So anyway, I have this fascination with looking at Yahoo's buzz charts. The buzz chart represents the ultimate in "who's hot". Marketers may care about what stars 14-21 year old girls swoon over, but I prefer the big picture: what are folks looking up when they go online.

The "winners" don't interest me much: wow, people are looking up Paris Hilton; I'm shocked. It is the "decliners" that I find oddly appealing. "Fort Wayne Airport" is down 82% in the last day. Also losing big are "Entertainment Gossip" and ESPN Baseball" What? Why were they up to start with? Who the hell goes to yahoo and searches for Fort Wayne Airport? Why would a flood of people look up "Entertainment Gossip" one day and then 80% fewer look it up the next day?


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