Friday, August 27, 2004

live to blog another day

Wow. I feel like I should be a young, heroic John Kerry, calmly guiding my Swift Blog straight into the barrage of enemy fire to reach out my hand and rescue this site from the waters of Max’s political carpet-blogging. Instead, though, I think I’ll be the GOP version—take my shot in the ass like a man, claim my purple heart and get the hell out
of the way before someone gets seriously hurt.

I’m a believer in due credit, though, and Maxi deserves his for two reasons: first for his surprising Zappa-esque prolificacy, and second for his "Scary Kerry" titles, which conjure youthful memories of watching WWF Wrestling live at Municipal Auditorium while screaming "SCAAAARY SHERRRRY" at both the Million Dollar Man’s manager and, often, my unfortunately-named mother.


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