Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Tiny Miracles

Well, Maxi Pad brings up an interesting point. My gut reaction is that I am more inclined to offer Mini Rolos than Britney as evidence of the existence of a compassionate deity. For if God was truly a loving God, then he certainly would not have invested so much of his awesome cosmic power into only one individual who can be intimately enjoyed by so few. Wouldn't a loving God have spread the wealth beyond Justin Timberlake, a redneck and a deadbeat Dad? If anything, Britney is evidence of a vengeful God who abandoned his creations for more worthwhile or fanciful pursuits in heaven.

Now we enter tiny Rolos into evidence. Each individual bag, even, provides enough little miracles to share God's love with at least two dozen others. And there are literally millions of bags. Doesn't that sound more like the creation of the God that the Judeo-Christians have been pitching the world for five thousand years?

Just as any good, sustainable religion does, I believe tiny Rolos offer more questions than answers.


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