Saturday, September 18, 2004

Kobe Got Off Easy

The disputed events of last July in that Eagle, CO hotel room will probably never really be understood. After Kobe's "apology" it seems clear that even he has no idea what happened, and feels readily willing to admit it. And he was there. The damage to his reputation, though, can be quantified, and sports pundits will, more than likely, spend the next decade trying to estimate exactly how much potential endorsement income Bryant is missing out on. His marriage is in trouble, his credibility is ruined, and he hasn't even gone through a civil suit yet. More embarassing details are sure to emerge.

And yet, I tell you, Kobe got off easy.

That's not because he avoided prison. Anyone who followed the details of the case closely knew that the prosecution had no chance of sending Kobe to jail. Mistakes and a shaky case from the beginning proved that. Actually, it's the burgeoning story of yet another NBA player's sexual escapades that leads me to believe that Kobe should thank his lucky stars for the way his case unfolded.

I give you the case of the Toronto Raptors' Morris Peterson.


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