Monday, September 20, 2004

Lyndon LaRouche

Here is the setup: seven years ago I had to go to a courthouse in Houston to get my driver's liscence (we had just moved to Texas). Some of Lyndon LaRouche's followers were tabling out in front of the courthouse. As a joke I signed up to get thier newsletter. Thought it would be good laughs. After signing up, they said it would be $10 (or whatever). So I declined and told them I didn't want to support LaRouche, but if they would give me some literature, I'd read it. No dice.

Long story short: the conversation ended with me teasing them about their insanity and their insane spokesman yelling obsenities at me in front of dozens of people. It was really odd.

But the oddness just got multiplied. It is now 7 years later. I have moved twice since then, live in a new town and work for a new company. So, how the hell did I just get a call at work from someone in Lyndon LaRouche's HQ in Chicago? The guy asked for me by name and asked if I remembered him from Houston.

Are they so desparate for supporters that they are doing some investigative work to track down former leads? Maybe they should spend some of those resources looking for a clue.


Blogger Tolles said...

That's funny because I got a phone call from the ghost of George Wallace, asking if I would support his third-party bid when he returns to earth after the rapture. I also got a call from John C. Fremont asking if I would support the Free-Soil party, and from Martin Van Buren, asking me to avenge his loss during the election of 1840. I think all of these guys, and LaRouche, must link to each other on Friendster.

9:56 AM  
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