Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Tim McCarver watch

Hey, baseball fans. The playoffs are just around the corner and that means the likely return of the most laughable announcing pair in the bigs: McCarver and Joe Buck. I'll save the Joe Buck cheapshots for later and announce the first annual Tim McCarver contests:

Contest 1: Predictions. The winner is the person who finds the most staggeringly bad prediction McCarver makes in the course of the playoffs/World Series. Extra credit will be given if the prediction is something that is A. easily and cheaply made i.e. "With two outs and a 3/2 count, I've gotta believe they are going to start the runners" or B. mind numbingly wrong-headed.

Contest 2: Comments. Most inane/irrelevant/hyper analytical for no reason wins.

Some might argue that these are vague criteria. Those people are not familiar with McCarver's oeurve.

Prize: A g-mail invite and the envy of all your friends. Contest ends with the conclusion of the world series but technically starts tonight if you can stomach an episode of "The Tim McCarver Show".


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