Tuesday, October 05, 2004

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Hey Max,

Your statistic is somewhat telling, and I have a theory. I would argue that American League baseball, rife with its Designated Hitters, relies far more on adrenaline and momentum than its counterpart in the National League. National League managers are forced to occasionally think, strategize, and make moves according to proven baseball theory, while American League "managers" eat seeds, watch, and wait for their lineups to play Home Run Derby. The crowd is much more of a factor for those teams, keeping them energized and motivated. The "small ball" that teams in the NL play is far less dependent on emotion.

Then again, it could just be that this year's shaky Yankees pitching and atrocious Red Sox defense (pre-Nomar trade) let opposing crowds get into their heads. In baseball, statistics often lie. This year, Randy Johnson lost 14 games (lousy year, right?) while also posting a WHIP of under 1.0 and a strikeouts per nine innings ratio of 10.62. You figure it out.


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