Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Home Field Advantages

So, tonight we see if the Cardinals can get something going here.

Arianna notes that we scored 9 runs on Saturday without any support from our vaunted 2-3-4 hitters. True, but they gave us four errors and she ignores the more important half of the equation. It doesn't matter how many runs we score if our pitching is going to suck this badly.

But, coming home we should have a couple things going for us.

First, to get their fat boy DH in the game they have to pull their first baseman. He is a good hitter and fielder. So they lose one good hitter from their lineup and add a defensive liability.

Second, Arianna is right that getting out of the oddly shaped Fenway should help. That help, though, comes in the form of being back on a level playing field. We can't expect the Sox to play worse in Busch than they did at home. They are more used to seeing "regular" fields than we are irregular ones.

Third, the fans here are pretty amazing. Potential downside: the weather here is miserable right now. If it is raining hard and cold here tonight the feeling in the stadium will be different. I was at game six in 1982 at Busch and it was fiercely cold. The excitement level never reached critical mass until the top of the ninth.

The curse: I have flipped 180 on this over the last 5 days. Last week, I thought the curse had killed the Red Sox and was looking forward to a classic Yankee-Cardinal matchup. On Friday I pointed out to H-man that if you were going to script an end to the curse it would have to involve going through the two most storied teams in baseball history. A week ago, the curse had me chuckling. Now I fear it. This is exactly the way some crappy Hollywood writer would have it play out.

The best of the "curse continues" scripts would have the Red Sox win tonight, then drop the next three. Bottom of the ninth in game 7. Sox are down three and have bases loaded. Fat boy is at the plate. He hits a monster drive just as a terrorist bomb explodes in the box seats on the left field side. Ben Afflack's decapitated head flies into the field of play knocking the grand slam out of the sky and into So Taguchi's hands. The ball is relayed in and a startled fat boy is tagged out at second base ending the game.

Sox lose, Afflack gone, and Afflack hated by Boston.

Note to Ben: That is a movie I'd go see.


Blogger Max Power said...


Testing. I changed some settings. Did you get this e-mail?

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I think I addressed the 3-4-5 hitters, but whatever. What matters is that you're right about pitching - that's the only thing that scared me before this Series started, and now it's just one of many. I still feel pretty confident about tonight, though, for all of your reasons. I guess we'll see in a few hours...

3:08 PM  

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