Monday, October 04, 2004

Kids today

So my wife got a call from "Victory 2004" or some other such group this weekend. The guy on the phone asked her who she was voting for and when she said "Bush" he asked for three reasons and began telling her why he was voting for Kerry.

My wife tried to end the call but is far more polite to these kinds of strangers than I. So the guy continues to hound her about voting for Bush until my wife, sensing some nervousness in his rather high pitched voice, asked him: "how old are you"?


They had a 13 year old kid calling people and badgering them about their prospective vote. That seems wrong for a lot of reasons (one of which is the kid telling my wife why he was voting for Kerry), but mostly I think I feel sorry for the kid. To be 13 and that enmeshed in politics doesn't quite seem healthy.


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