Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Rams?

So I got a (barely) anonymous e-mail:

Dear Max,I've decided to enjoy football. Can you give me a reason why I
should root for the Rams?
Well, on a specific level, because you are from LA and live in St. Louis. They are your hometeam either way. Plus, they are on TV every week here, so you don't miss any games and don't have to buy a special cable or dish package.
On a general level, it is much harder. While people often pick on someone who jumps into a sport by getting on the bandwagon of a hot team, I think there is actually good reason to do so. Watching a great team execute gives newbies a chance to see the sport at its best and, usually, most exciting. Then, when you begin watching other teams you have an appreciation for the skills involved.

The 1999-2003 Rams were a good example. They were so good that they covered for the flaws of their coach, Mike Martz. The Rams are now an average team, with brief flashes of greatness. But the flaws of Martz now stand out starkly. If I were just coming into football and watching the Rams, I would either pay close attention to the announcers (who will question quite a bit of Martz's strategy) or watch with a knowledgeable friend.

All that said, they do have a couple of the most potent offensive weapons in the game with Marshall Faulk, Issac Bruce, and Torry Holt. Bulger consistently throws for over 250 yards per game. Plus, they are rarely "out" of a game. In Seattle, they faced a defense that had only given up 13 points in the previous 3 games and outscored them 23-3 in the fourth quarter and overtime to win.

Oh yeah, one more thing: after the World Series is over, you're gonna need something to cheer for.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, sorry. I realized that I just posted another anonymous comment without thinking - I'm used to my blog, where I'm always logged in and don't have to worry about this "signing my name to stuff" thing.

Is St. Louis really my hometown now? Crap.

- Arianna

3:12 PM  
Blogger Tolles said...

Yeah it is. You know it is when you can eat provel cheese without it immediately turning your stomach.

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whew. Provel = still gross. Cheese is never supposed to stick to your teeth like that.

6:37 PM  

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