Monday, November 08, 2004

Keith Olbermann, Idjit

has a piece up on MSNBC's website (feel the excitement) in which he asks a simple question: Click "Read more"

Since when was the term “mandate” applied when 56 million people voted against a
Answer: 1992, when Bill Clinton had 59,692,112 people vote against him while the Boston Globe proclaimed:

"Bill Clinton called for change, but he never dared ask for a mandate as sweeping as the one he received last night. The magnitude of the Democratic triumph was so enormous that it ensures Clinton a strong alliance with Congress and an incentive to move quickly on his domestic programs....Clinton marched to victory in state after state, from New England to the Old Confederacy, across the industrial belt and the Great Plains to California, where the Democrats last won in 1964. He piled up a popular vote nationwide that transcended predictions, while his party strengthened its hold on Congress."

Just so you don't think I am cherry picking here, I'll post the cover of Time magazine with its blazing "Mandate for Change" headline when I get to my picture software at home.


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