Wednesday, November 03, 2004

More "Bright Side" for my friend on the Not So Bright Side of the Political Divide


Don't forget: four more years of Bush twins.

On a more serious note: agree or disagree with his decisions, Bush has had to make some tough calls. His defeat yesterday could have sent a signal to future leaders to duck the tough choices in the way that Clinton did while in office.

Plus: A decisive win rather than two months of litigation is simply, clearly good for our country.

It strikes me that this election might lead to the Dems having their Goldwater moment. It is easy to see why they would not modify following 2000. The 2002 results (where they got creamed) could be written off as an unthinking reaction to September 11th. But last night was a pretty harsh repudiation to the Dems not just on the presidential level but across the board. The dems can either look at themselves and come up with a serious foreign policy and freshen up their domestic policy or they can continue to burn with rage, deny reality and sink deeper.

I nominate as the most likely denial rationalization the idea that repubs won because of an overwhelming turnout of fascist bigots driven to the polls by anti-gay animus (11 marriage amendments on state ballots). If they have whatever the Dems equivalent of a "Come to Jesus" moment is, they have some really good prospects in the near future. The midterm elections for a lame-duck president should provide some easy pickups.


Blogger Tolles said...

Also on the not-so-bright side, I have to listen to four more years of nonsense that implies George Bush is a strong leader. Touch choices? Yeah he’s really held the line on domestic spending. Free trade? Not when you can pick up West Virginia’s electoral votes by imposing steel tariffs? Or scattered mid-west states with yet even more ag subsidies. Or textile subsidies down south, etc. Stem cell research? Can’t piss off the right, even though a majority would favor expanded research. Environmental issues? Next. Fact the 9/11 commission alone? That decision was too tough. I admit nothing on this front.

You must have read my blog, since those anti-gay initiatives did indeed drive huge turnout. Yes, they’re anti-gay, yes I consider that a form of bigotry, no, it’s not particularly fascist. Maybe for the mid-term election the GOP can get some REAL social issues up for referendum. I think an anti-necrophilia initiative could probably pass. Or an anti-bestiality referendum (paging Rick Santorum.) Hopefully, the Senate can spend a lot of time and resources debating which is worse, rather than say, try to solve some real problems.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Harberman said...

Sure, a bit of anti-bestiality legislation looks good now, but what happens when the porcupines take over? Who will be the "beasts" then? Talk about tough issues... Try pushing a "no sex with your human slaves" bill through a porcupine congress.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the Factor -

Short time fan, first time poster.

"The dems can either look at themselves and come up with a serious foreign policy and freshen up their domestic policy or they can continue to burn with rage, deny reality and sink deeper."

Ouch. That's gotta sting. Very pre-Oxy Rush.

Let's put a hold on that anti-bestiality law, my social life is suffering enough as it is. ZING!!!
But seriously folks, speaking of porcupines, how in the name of Krusty the Klown do they fornicate without stabbing every other to death? That must be a very delicate and high mortality operation. You'd think porcupines would have copulated themselves out of existence by now. I know if I had deadly spikes all over my body, at least a couple of my high school girlfriends would have never made it to the "Man-she-was-cute-in-high-school-but-now-she's-a-knockout" stage.

1:43 PM  
Blogger Harberman said...

Which begs another question-- how are you supposed to feel when you bang a chick in high school and she later transmogrifies into some supernaturally hot being? Should that be a victory or a defeat? The optimist would proclaim his own glory as the first to summit Mount Hotness, while the defeatist might bemoan his premature jocularity. I suppose it's a question of attitude. I like to think of myself as a flag-planter. Of course, one of my high school girlfriends turned gay.

2:18 PM  

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