Monday, November 15, 2004

Swimming Against the Tide

Ever notice how you're driving down the street and don't see any fast food places for a couple of blocks, then see four or five clustered together on the next block? Interesting phenomenon: One of the places (typically McDonalds) put a ton of money into finding the best block to locate their restaurant. The other companies can either spend a similar amount (to replicate the results) or simply free ride on the work McDonalds has already done.

A similar effect can be seen in fast food menus. Chicken McNuggets work; everybody has their own chicken "parts" now (Remember the brilliant "parts is parts" ad? Good times, good times).

Every once in a while, however, fast food companies make an open play for a market niche. Case in point: while EVERYONE is on the healthier food kick, Hardees goes and does this.

That's right, baby. 1,420 calories of "Monster Burger". 2/3 pound of beef, four strips of bacon, three slices of cheese and, just so you know they thought of everything, a dollop of mayo on top.

They list it at 107 grams of fat which translates roughly into 960 fat calories per burger.

I gotta be honest; I am a pretty big guy. I think I could choke one of these bad boys down. But when the article points out you can add fries and a coke for an extra $1.60, I start getting nausious. A supersized meal better come with cardiac arrest paddles.


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