Monday, December 20, 2004

Adventures in Customer Service (Sears Sucks) Volume Two

In the last episode, it turns out that the folks in Sears don't know their product, aren't willing to admit they don't know their product, probably lied (by omission of information) about their product in order to shirk work, and (judging by their MO on the phone) get paid by the hour to not be particularly helpful to customers. When we left off, the department manager had discovered that their dryers DO have side vent holes and was about to make a stunning concession to me. She offered to:

Make an appointment to have a rep come out and hook up the dryer. She had an appointment available in about two weeks. Ponder it. Let it roll slowly around your head for a moment. The service rep had left my place not 2 hours before having done nothing. Now they wanted me to wait two more weeks before he could come out again. Problem five: this is ridiculous.

I explained to her my thoughts on the matter: he should come back right now and do it, but I am willing to wait until the end of the day if necessary. She responded that we already had an appointment today, he was booked up, and because of some union regulations he could not work past his allotted schedule. Her problem, I suggested, not mine. I want this fixed today. She never ever budged from her position that she couldn't do anything for me before a scheduled appointment. Problem six: she genuinely did not recognize that there was a problem with me waiting two more weeks.

I explained to her that if his other stops were like mine, the service rep was in no danger of "working" past his allotted schedule as working didn't seem to be part of his job description. She didn't get the sarcasm. I guess that is not really a customer service issue, but nonetheless, I hold it against Sears anyway.

I told her not to schedule the appointment. I would do it myself. But I also told her to note that I was dissatisfied and that I was going to write a letter to Sears about it. That is when they decided to really get their "customer service" juices flowing.

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