Monday, December 20, 2004

Adventures in Customer Service (Sears Sucks) Volume Three

In the last edition, Sears had generously offered to let me wait two more weeks before coming out to hook up my dryer. I ended up doing it myself. The next day I sat down to write a letter to Sears outlining their bad customer service. As I am writing the letter the phone rang. It was a customer service rep calling to check up on how my appointment went the day before. Click read more below.

So I told her. I told her what I just told you in parts one and two. Her response: There's a vent hole on the side of the dryer?!?!? Problem seven: I kid you not, she wanted to argue about whether or not the vent hole existed. Did I mention that about 1/3rd of my complaint to her was how the folks at Sears wasted my time arguing this exact point before simply looking it up? Problem eight: She put me on hold. Remember, she is a customer service rep who CALLED ME. She put me on hold. She came back about 2 minutes later and-problem nine-: confirmed that there was a vent hole on the side of the dryer.

That is not a joke. I was stunned into silence. I swear to you that if at this precise second of stunned silence she had said: "Just kidding, actually I went down the hall and did a line off my boss's inner thigh", I would have had more respect for her. Hell, I probably would be calling this post: Why Sears is the best company in America to work for (in management, anyway).

Instead, she began selling me on how cool having this Sears product must be with all the fancy side vent holes and whatnot. Here is the deal: I am happy with the product. I am unhappy with the service. She gets back on track and offers to send out a tech next week. Oh the wheels of justice are turning now. Sears has offered to only make me wait ONE week to fix the simple problem that should have been done the day before. Annoyed, I tell her I hooked it up myself, she has wasted my time, I am highly unsatisfied, and I don't plan on shopping at Sears again.

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