Monday, December 20, 2004

Adventures in Customer Service (Sears Sucks) Volume Five

In the last edition I ended by asking the folks at Sears to never call me again. Wheels churned in the deep dark bowels of Sears. I imagine the thought process went something like this:

"Customer Service" rep number one: What could he mean: never call me again?

"Customer Service" rep number two: Surely he wants us to check in with him on a regular basis.

"Customer Service" rep number one: Wait, maybe he means that his problem was solved and we don't need to follow up.

"Customer Service" rep number three: "Brothers, let us not fight over this. The easy solution is to call him and ask him what he means".

"Customer Service" rep number one: "But what if he tells us he is unhappy and no longer wants to talk to us?"

"Customer Service" rep number three: "Have you not read our handbook? In that case, we will take no notes of the conversation other than to say he is still unhappy. That way, he will automatically get calls from us twice a year". Click Read more:

And so it began that twice a year a Sears rep would call having absolutely no idea what my complaint was or that I had asked that they stop calling me. I just told them to stop calling me as any attempt to tell the story of what had happened led either to their amazement that a dryer could have side vent holes or amazement that I didn't just wait two weeks to get it serviced. Four calls in the next two years each a wonderful reminder to tell all my friends, family, neighbors, mailman, people in line at the grocery stores etc. about how much Sears sucks.
Volume Six (conclusion) here


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