Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Adventures in Customer Service

A friend gets an offer for an American Express Blue card. He makes good money as does his wife. Good money. He applies for the card; gets it; uses it. All is well, until he hits the limit ($4,600). Keep in mind that this is the first month he has had it and he is going to pay it off in full on a monthly basis. So he calls AmEx about raising the limit.

The customer service rep tells him, politely, that he should have requested a higher limit before the card was issued.

"Fair enough", he says, "but let's get it done now."

No can do. You HAVE to request it when you sign up.

"Well how about if I cancel this card right now and sign up for a new one with a higher credit limit?"

"Yes sir, that would work and you would be approved for almost any amount."

"But, you can't raise the limit on the card I already have."

"No, you should have requested it at the time of signup."

At no point did she seem to understand the idiocy of requiring customers to cancel their services to improve upon them.


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