Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Like taking candy from a baby

So my wife is the leader of my daughter's girl scout troop. The girls did a Christmas cookie fundraiser over the past couple of weeks and scored a cool $1800 for their troop. Pretty sweet, no?

The money was due in to the girl scout council on Friday. Half the parents turned in the money to my wife who turned it in Friday. The other half turned it in to another woman (co-leader of the troop). Monday night my wife gets a call from the council: we didn't get the rest of the money.

So my wife calls the co-leader, Katie*, and reminds her that the money needs to be turned in immediately. Katie** says she would turn it in but her car is broken down. My wife tells her: no problem, I'll come by your house and pick up the money and turn it in for you. Katie*** says no problem.

Problem: when my wife gets there, Katie**** "remembers" that she spent the money to pay her rent and doesn't have it anymore.

That's right. She stole the girl scout's cookie money. Shazam! Worst parent ever.

*Not her real name, but the name of a really cute girl who dumped me for my best friend in high school.
**Who was "saving herself for marriage" until the second date with my best friend.
***Who, while we were dating, once got so drunk that she couldn't see, mistook me for my best friend and begged me to have sex with her (producing some seriously mixed emotions; FYI I didn't).
****Who subsequently slept with two of my other friends (one of them at a Baptist summer camp).


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