Friday, December 17, 2004

Men and Women are Different Vol. 2,346,743

I was going to pass on mentioning this until my wife brought it up again last night. In a post earlier this week, I talked about this woman who, apparently too big to slide down chimneys and take presents instead, stole money from the Girl Scouts.

To condense: my wife offered to pick up the money from her house (across town) and turn it in for her. The woman agreed. My wife drove across town, got to her house, and was told that the woman didn't have the money (she spent it).

I have told this story to four guys. Three of them all had the same reaction:

Wait. She made your wife come across town and then told her she didn't have the money. I know. It makes no sense.

Note: the guys seem to be amused/offended by the stealing money from girl scouts angle, but seriously pissed off that she pulled that on my wife. What did your wife do, they all want to know. She is a woman. She talked to the woman for two hours and left. For the record, the men favored a "If I were your wife I would have beat the crap out of her" approach.

I have to admit, I understand that approach. If a guy had done that to me (and the boy scouts), I find it much easier to see the ass-beating approach.

Now, however, my wife is trying to figure out how to handle their relationship at school and church. Should I tell someone at school (the other woman is a room mother)? Should I still be friends? Can our kids still play together? Should the other woman's daughter stay in the girl scout troop (mom is out, of course and daughter can't participate in cookie sales or an event which uses cookie money.

$100 says these and other questions remain unresolved for months while my wife tries to figure out how to deal with them without upsetting anyone. I, on the other hand, would upset quite a few people and have it resolved by the end of the weekend.

C'est la vie.


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