Thursday, December 30, 2004

N-O, no

In Washington, Call for a Second Election

Dino Rossi, having fallen behind in the last recount, has called on his opponent, Christine Gregoire to call for a re-election. Her spokesman's response: "N-o, no".

Mark me down with Ms. Gregoire on this one. I have some serious reservations about the re-recounting in Washington, but Mr. Rossi's stated principle: "People need to know for sure that the next governor actually won the election" is a farce.

When Rossi was ahead by 42 votes he was on CNN. Judy "Woodruff asked if this election wasn't basically a tie. Rossi responded that a tie is when you actually tie. When you have more votes than the other person, you win.

That smart ass comment has now come back to haunt Rossi, as well it should. Plus, if Rossi *really* believed in the prinicple stated above he would have called for a re-election when he was up by 42 votes, not just when the tables were turned.

Sorry, Dino, they may have stolen the election from you, but you screwed yourself.


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