Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Well, the elections in the Ukraine are over (though the court battles are not, apparently). Isn't it great to see emerging democracies learning from the United States that just because you lose an election doesn't mean you can't spend months attempting to litigate your way to victory.

Anyhoo, recall that in the last round of voting there was widespread voter fraud and the attempted assasination of Victor Yushchenko both on behalf of Moscow backed anti-western candidate. Showing the nuance and subtlety for which liberals think themselves famous, Tolles condemned the Bush administration for questioning the obviously bogus results of the previous election there. The chain of logic goes something like this: Colin Powell works for Bush, Tolles can't accept that Bush won, Bush is bad, therefore Bush cannot speak out against obvious electoral fraud. See it is OK if an openly anti-American candidate uses a foreign power to help clearly cheat his way to victory while using the secret service of the same foreign power to attempt to assasinate your rival. What is not OK is for President Bush to point to the fraud. Gotta have your priorities straight, you know.

In a particularly chuckleworthy comment, Tolles says: "Russia had better stay the hell out of Ukraine's business as well." This is AFTER Russia had helped throw the election and attempted to assasinate the opposition. Good call. 'Cause those two things are almost, *almost* as worthy of condemnation as Bush standing up for free and fair elections.


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