Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Spam with a little thought put into it

Here is the text from a spam e-mail I got today (I removed thier address):

Client Update:

Several Companies have been competing for your mortgage refinance application over the past 2 weeks. The company that offered the lowest rate, and largest loan quantity has requested your information be verified.


Phony Name
Financial Coordinator

Happy Holidays!
Thank you for your time, we would like to hear from you but if not then continue.

OK, on the down side: this was obviously mass e-mailed (based on the "To:" field and the fact that the name in the "From:" field didn't match the name in the e-mail address in the "From:" field and neither matched the name of the financial coordinator in the text. Also, the subject line was "Repairmen," which is a bit odd.

Getting past that: these folks actually thought about their spam.

First: the client update gets them believing that someone is out there doing the leg work for them. If they have talked to any re-fi people, they might believe this is the response.

Second, "Several companies have been competing for your mortgage refinance...". Brilliant. If you own a house you get several re-fi offers every week. Let's say 5% of folks are actively thinking about it.

Third, that 5% is told that the company with the best deal needs to verify. Seems reasonable.

Fourth, the website address is down home hokey yet filled with important words like "primerate".

Fifth, they wrap up by suggesting (but not stating) that there is a link to unsubscribe. What the text actually says is basically: We hope you'll come to our website, but if not then go to our website.

Much, much better than the standard: Wild_and Crazy Russian Girl Pr0N/P3nus_3nlarg3r junk.


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