Thursday, December 23, 2004

That Damn Bush Cheats Again

If Democrats know one thing about George W. Bush it is that he is an idiot, while they are mentally superior. See this, for example.

The question, then, is how does this keep happening:

Wrong John Kerry Gets NY Electoral Votes

WASHINGTON -- Even John Q. Public knows the middle initial of losing presidential candidate John F. Kerry. But New York's 31 electoral college votes are currently on the books for some guy named John L. Kerry. State officials acknowledged the mistake Tuesday after the official "certificate of vote" appeared on the Web site of the National Archives.

Recall that this is on the heels of a Democrat in Minnesota who cast his presidential electoral vote for John Ewards. Not John Edwards, mind you, but John Ewards.

I'm sure this is Bush's fault somehow. Its all part of the conspiracy to steal the election. In case he didn't get enough electoral votes he had planted Republican operatives amongst the Democrats electoral voters to throw the votes away. Or something. Anything to avoid the mounting pile of evidence that Democrats are literally not smart enough to vote in elections.


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