Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Tidbit of the Day

Alleged Fake Stewardess Gets Jail, Lashes

You know this is going to be good. Why would the headline say "alleged" fake stewardess. Is it possible that the woman actually is a stewardess and we just don't know all the facts yet?

SINGAPORE - A Myanmar man has been sentenced by a Singapore court to four years in prison and six lashes with a cane after posing as a stewardess to pick up men in nightclubs and then stealing from them, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

Wait. It's a guy? The "alleged" is just nonsense then. This guy is not a real stewardess, period. Not the classic journalistic nonsense of throwing alleged into any judicial story just to cover their asses. Here the "alleged" is stupid on two levels. The guy is clearly a fake stewardess regardless of any crime he may or may not have committed. AND... he has been convicted already so the "alleged" doesn't make sense anyway.

Then, the article uses stewardess (which is shockingly out of date) instead of flight attendant, but gives us Myanmar rather than Burma. There is some confusion here. The biggest confusion however comes a little later:

Chan Zo Zo, 24, prowled Singapore's nightclubs to find his victims, calling himself "Michelle" and claiming he was a flight attendant, The Straits Times newspaper said. Chan then swiped credit cards, cash and cell phones from the men while they were asleep. It wasn't clear whether they knew he was a man.

While you ponder how unclear the victims were on what went down, enjoy the juicy detail that this was published in a newspaper named the "Straits Times". As Yogi Berra once said: "Only in America".


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