Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tidbit (Running for School Board)

Reading isn't fundamental after all, according to Jim Patch. Patch is running for the Des Moines, Iowa, school board, and he has the support of the local teachers union. The Des Moines Register prints this excerpt of a discussion between patch and radio talk-show host Jonathan Narcisse:

Patch: "I would like to see us be accountable, but as far as tying graduation to
reading, we're going to have a lot of architects and artists and doctors but there who aren't going to graduate from high school if we do that. The fact is, a higher percentage of those three occupations have this word-blindness or dyslexic problem."

Narcisse: So you're saying if a kid can't read, we still ought to consider, if he meets other criteria, giving that kid a high school diploma?

Patch: "I think we're going to have to."

Patch apparently never saw a problem for which the answer is not: surrender. Yeah, God forbid we have more artists without high school diplomas. I know how the artisitic community can be really snobby about which prep school one attended.

But the killer comment is "we're going to have a lot of...doctors who aren't going to graduate from High School". No, Mr. Patch, we aren't if we can keep people like you off our school boards.


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