Tuesday, December 21, 2004

What do Publicists Do?

Isn't a PR person's job to keep bad news under wraps? Wesley Snipes needs to seek some new council here. Check out this article:

Action star Wesley Snipes sues NYC
So the headline already makes him look bad and does a good job of hooking readers. If this were Julia Roberts that headline would read: NYC defames Julia; Will she forgive? Not Wesley. He has to sue NYC for, as best I understand it, requesting a paternity test from a guy (Snipes) who lives in Florida for a woman who lives in Indiana and claims Snipes impregnated her in a Chicago crackhouse.

So the Publicist drops the ball on all of this while apparently working what he felt was a far more important angle:

Snipes has appeared in blockbuster films such as Passenger 57,White Men Can't
Jump and Wildcats.

"Sure, tie my client to several lawsuits and associate him with a mentally unstable crack whore, but be sure to mention his blockbuster hit: Wildcats."


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