Monday, January 03, 2005

Fun with Surveys (Part 4)

Next problem. Their report says that the religiousity measure they use is made up of four components. Go read them if you want. Long story short: this is not religiosity. Period. This is fundamentalism (literal interpretation of the Bible, self ID as “evangelical”, and Israel as the fulfillment of prophesy are three of the four questions.) I consider myself well above average on religiousity and I would easily score “less religious” by virtue of being Catholic rather than born again protestant. Click read more.

Instantly throw out the “religious” findings. They are garbage. Or at a minimum, alter the finding to read “fundamentalists are more likely to curtail civil rights than non-fundimentalists”. Did I mention that they exclude all non-christians except atheists and agnostics from this analysis. Oh yeah, maybe I should have mentioned that. They throw out the 13% of their sample that is Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, whatever. If you are not Christian or a non-practicer, you are not scored on the religiosity scale. Know why?

Because it is a scale of fundamentalism not religiosity. This kind of sloppiness wouldn’t fly for a second year grad student. Next page.


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