Sunday, January 23, 2005

Mondays Off! Championship Quickpicks

We here at Mondays Off! would like to make one thing perfectly clear: we LOVE snow football. Honestly, is there anything better? Oh yes-I forgot. High-Definition snow football. But that's it!

These picks are, by far, the hardest we can remember for a day of playoff games. Have there ever been so many unknowns to consider after 20 weeks of football? How will the weather be? Is Ben Roethlisberger hurt? Can Philly really play offense without Terrell Owens? Which Michael Vick will show up? Can the Patriots dominate like they did last week? Will the Falcons score 47 points, or give up 47 points? Can the Eagles really stop the run? Is it possible to go to the Super Bowl with a wide receiver playing nickelback? Or a rookie playing quarterback? Is the state of Pennsylvania cursed when it comes to Championship games? If the Eagles lose for a fourth straight year, will the Philly fans break out pitchforks and torches (old-school) or will they just turn over cars and flash their boobs (nu-skool)?

Anyway, all of these games could easily be termed "too close to call." But we at Mondays Off! are fearless, so on to our quickpicks:

NFC Championship Game: Atlanta (2) at Philadelphia (1)

All season, we here at Mondays Off! have been waiting for someone to ram the ball down Philly's throat. Jeremiah Trotter was a huge addition midway through, but the blitz-crazy Eagles still haven't seen anything like Alex Gibbs's three-headed running attack. The Eagles are the better team, but the windy weather could make throwing the ball problematic, and Brian Westbrook, as gifted as he his, is not a 34-carry-106-yard-pound-it-until-you-beg-for-mercy kind of guy. TJ Duckett is, and Warrick Dunn doesn't get the credit he deserves for his short-yardage slipperiness. The Mondays Off! crew has spent quite a bit of time attempting to figure out how the Eagles are going to win this game, and we're still struggling. As always, turnovers are going to be the difference, and Atlanta has the edge there.

Mondays Off! Official Pick: Falcons 24, Eagles 14

AFC Championship Game: New England (2) at Pittsburgh (1)

Well, we picked Pittsburgh from the beginning because we thought they were the best team. But Ben Roethlisberger is definitely hurt, and the weather actually favors New England, who will have no problem throwing the ball in the cold. Bill Belichick is a terrific coach, and will soon be taking his place among the greats, but there are things you cannot scheme. With two relatively fresh bruising backs, if Bill Cowher has any sense at all, he'll run the ball 40-50 times today, and wear down the relatively light Patriots linebackers. Although it pains us to knowingly pick against the defending champs for the second consecutive week...

Mondays Off! Official Pick: Steelers 20, Patriots 13


Blogger Tolles said...

Dude, remind me to make more bets with you. I hear those Eagles are looking pretty good......

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