Friday, January 14, 2005

Mondays Off! Vegas Quickpicks

After a stellar 1-3 performance during Wild Card Weekend, we here at Mondays Off! are ready to get back on the horse. Unfortunately, due to non-football-related (and therefore questionable) circumstances, we don't have time to do a full column with our predictions for the Divisional Round. So, without further ado, here are our picks for the weekend:


St. Louis (5) at Atlanta (2)

The Rams have now won three games in a row. That's too many. Eventually, Mike Martz will decide to stop running the ball, and this weekend looks optimal. After all, how is he supposed to coach a passing game AND a running game? Who has that kind of time?

Official Mondays Off! Prediction: Falcons 27, Rams 21

Minnesota (6) at Philadelphia (1)

We here at Mondays Off! are a little weary of the chatter that the Eagles haven't played a meaningful game in a month, and will therefore be too rusty to win. In case you weren't paying attention, these same Eagles didn't play a meaningful game for the ENTIRE SUMMER last year, and somehow Donovan McNabb didn't forget how to throw the football at moving receivers, and Brian Westbrook somehow retained his ability to run really fast. Healthy, rested Eagles plus hobbling Randy Moss* equals:

Official Mondays Off! Prediction: Eagles 31, Vikings 21

*"Maybe next time I'll shake my d*ck at 'em" is arguably the funniest quote of the year. Well done, Randy.


New York (5) at Pittsburgh (1)

This was a slugfest last time, and will be again. The difference: the Steelers are coming off a bye and a week where they rested their key starters (and still won, by the way), and the Jets are coming off a cross-country flight and 70 minutes of Martyball in the slop. Guess who has the edge?

Official Mondays Off! Prediction: Steelers 20, Jets 10

Indianapolis (3) at New England (2)

Bill Belichick has done everything but turn on the sprinklers to slow down the turf in Gillette Stadium, while the Colts started selling AFC Championship sweat shirts on their web site on Wednesday. Meanwhile Mike Vanderjagt bought himself a plane ticket out of Indy in the offseason by calling the defending champs "ripe for the picking." It goes against our very being here at Mondays Off! to pick the Colts at this point, as they have soiled their karma enough to return in the next life as very creepy, itchy little insects. This was, however, the one game we got right last week, so we're forced to ride Peyton and Marvin 'till they buck us off.

Official Mondays Off! Prediction: Colts 27, Patriots 20


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