Sunday, January 09, 2005

NFL Playoffs Day One


Reprisals for your wild card weekend pics can wait until tomorrow. For now I will give my impressions of day one.

First, the Rams managed to win yesterday despite the fact that Mike Martz showed up and, from the looks of it, coached the game. In retrospect, our picking Seattle was crazy bad as it relied on Mike Holmgren overcoming the weird playoff jinx he has created for himself. I wonder if 5 years from now *everybody* rather than just 75% of us will be talking about how obvious it was that he was simply in the right place at the right time in the 90s.

Even more forehead slappingly stupid than the Seattle pick was the San Diego pick. Good God, Marty Schottenheimer coaches that team. Schottenheimer is the Norm Stewart of pro-football: great in the regular season, one and done in the post season.

As someone who has viscerally disliked the Kansas City Chiefs for as long as he has known folks from Kansas City, I can say I have a lot of experience rooting against Schottenheimer and should have seen last night's loss a mile away.

Note that the Rams are a victory away from having a winning season. If the Vikings win tonight, the Rams will play the Falcons for a shot at the NFC title. I've got them losing next week (in our soon to be seriously revised picks, but I thought you'd like the idea of the NFC title game featuring an 8-8 team.


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