Friday, January 14, 2005

Shallow Reporting

Bush Cabinet to Look Roughly Like First

I continue to be amazed that coservatives are routinely assumed to be racists. Here is a typical bit of reporting about Bush's cabinet which obsesses about the racial makeup of his cabinet. A choice quote:

Bush is following in the footsteps of his predecessors.

His father promised "new faces" would fill his Cabinet; President Clinton pledged a Cabinet that "looks like America." Both ended up drawing heavily from Washington's political establishment, while making sure minorities were represented.

It is simply beyond the comprehension of liberals that perhaps minorities were chosen because they were the best choice rather than because they rounded out some checklist. When I see men and women like Colin Powell or Condi Rice I see highly qualified people. Liberals see a black guy and a "twofer" (black and female).

In closing I offer this true story. While doing graduate work in Houston I was lucky enough to meet Rod Paige. Nice guy; learned a couple of good things from him in my (very) brief visit. When I saw the news that President Bush had picked him as Education Secretary my first thought was: that seems like a good choice, he's done a good job and will be an intelligent school advocate. When I watched the news that night they were dwelling on his race: first African-American man to be sec-ed; Bush appoints African-American man etc.

My thought at the time: Yeah, I guess he is black. It seemed so much less interesting than his qualifications...


Blogger Tolles said...

Wow. A tear came to my eye as I read about Max's color blindness. He sees people. Touching.

Seriosuly though, what the hell are you talking about? You link to some AP news article and this is somehow an indictment of how liberals think? Where's the quote from Noam Chomsky? Where's the interview with Molly Ivins?

I've also never heard the word "twofer" until reading this post.

As long as we're doing word association, here's mine.

Condoleeza Rice - Incompetent
Rod Paige - Moron
Colin Powell - Sorry Sack

You're right. Race is so much less interesting than these fools' qualifications.

4:19 PM  

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