Monday, January 10, 2005

Tolles Civil Liberties Redux (Part Four)

Now, on your end of things. Starting from the beginning of my posts and working through your reply:

1. You didn't rise to the challenge of telling me how great you thought the R/D difference would be before you looked it up. In retrospect what do you think? It didn't surprise me that Rs were worse than Ds on this in part because I think they are less supportive of civil liberties and in part because I think they read some of these questions differently. Click read more.

Were you surprised that almost a quarter of Ds would ask Muslims to register their whereabouts? Were you surprised that independents were better than both parties? Can you see that these questions can be interpreted differently and are likely to be interpreted differently and these differences are reasonable?

2. you ignored my example of the Coleman report on public/private schooling. The point was that sample size and significance are tricky and can skew the presentation of findings. Agreed? Or didn't seem important somehow?

3. I will not accept the charge of accepting no data that hurts my party, country or viewpoint. In this and other posts I have openly admitted both personal faults and faults of party. Don't know about ideology or country, I'd have to think if I have posted anything contrary there. Now, fair trade time. Can you point to any times you have gone against party, ideology or posted a pro-America posting?

4. You pick on me for bringing up the issue of weighting? Is it not a legitimate issue? Have we not seen how out of wack weighting can be recently? If you don't see it as an issue just let me know what the proper weight of Rs and Ds is, I'm sure the polling world will be appreciative to have the problem solved.

5. Ditto hang ups, which are directly tied to the weighting issue.

6. Explain for me how questions about literal Bible interpretation, fulfillment of the prophesies and evangelism are measures of religiosity and not fundamentalism.

7. KKK infiltration?

8. reread point 8 above. That was the central point of the postings.


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