Sunday, January 02, 2005


Imagine you had a chance to ask Stephen Hawking 18 questions. 18 questions with one of the greatest scientific minds of the last 100 years. Would these questions make the list:

What is your I.Q.?
To follow up:

How can we know if you qualify as a genius physicist, as you are invariably
To beat the dead horse:

Are you saying you are not a genius?

Are you always this cheerful?
With the brilliant follow up:

Seriously, how do you keep your spirits up?
That is almost 30% of the interview devoted to absolutely asinine questions. Throw in three questions outside of his fields designed to produce anti Bush responses. Throw in a follow up question that begins with: "How can you say that?" when Hawking doesn't rise to the bait and you have one of the worst interviews I have ever seen not conducted by Larry King.


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