Monday, February 07, 2005

Classic Paul McCartney Move

People tended to see The Beatles as the "safe" band (compared to the bad boy Rolling Stones). Something I have always found giggleworthy is that The Beatles were free to get away with things that other groups couldn't. My very conservative dad to this day sings Beatles songs and has no idea that they are filled with drug references.

Anyway, after last year's halftime debacle, the folks at the super bowl decided to go safe this year with a performance by Paul McCartney. We don't want any concerns about decency this year. So what does Paul do? Click read more:

He sings "Get Back", a song with two verses: one about a guy driving to California to pick up some pot and the second about a transvestite. And no one bats an eye because "Hey, he was a Beatle".


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