Thursday, February 10, 2005

For Mike


So I actually went to the Washington Times article in question and read it. You stated:
The Times doesn't provide actual quotes or even context, mind you, it just describes "several Democrats likening the measure to the Holocaust.
From the WaTimes article:

Sen. Mamie E. Locke, who is black, told her colleagues she opposed the amendment and quoted civil rights leader Martin Luther King and the Rev. Martin Niemoeller, a Protestant pastor best known for stating that the Germans failed to speak out against the Nazis.
"It is xenophobia that led to the rise of Nazism in Germany and fascism in Italy. It is homophobia that brings us to this place in time today," the Hampton Democrat said. "There are just some issues about which one cannot remain silent, especially those issues that chip away at the rights of human beings because they are different, and because that difference makes us uncomfortable."
Sen. Janet D. Howell said Nazis "exterminated" homosexuals after branding them with pink triangles and passing a series of restrictive laws.

"It was incremental, one step after another down the path to the death camps," the Fairfax County Democrat said. "In Virginia today, we do not require pink triangles. We stigmatize and marginalize people in other ways as we go down a path that we don't know where it will end."

So the Times in fact does offer both quotes and context. And, I did mention that the original piece was from the Times. And, I admit their owner is a nutcase. And, since you snarked me on one earlier, I'll point out that you spelled Democrats thusly: Drmocrats. This spell-checks to "Drunkards", for what it is worth. I think we are done with this one.


Anonymous Tolles said...

Since we're quoting:

"The Senate voted 30-10 to pass the amendment after an emotional 30-minute debate during which several Democrats likened the measure to the Holocaust and to the days when Virginia banned interracial marriage."

No period after Holocaust. It does sound more outrageous when you crop it that way, however. Congratulations, Virgina. Another law that codifies discrimination. And way to go OpinionJournal. You can't even quote the full sentence, lest it make people think of the ridiculousness of banning another kind of marriage, a ban which we were also told had the blessings of God and tradition.

Yeah, I make typos sometimes. E and R are right next to each other. Hooray.

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you two having a lovers' spat?

11:43 PM  

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