Wednesday, February 02, 2005

J.R., Miniskirts and Not Losing

I sware if I hear one more person use the word "dynasty" I'm going on a killing spree with a nail gun and a blowtorch. Unless it's in regard to a "Dynasty" reunion, in which case The Factor will be watching. Although I don't imagine JR has aged well and half the cast is probably in rehab. But a man can dream, right?

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Seriously, why is the mainstream sports media so freakin' eager to label someone a dynasty. You can't hear anything about the Patriots without them overusing that word. I think time has proven that parity has greatly benefitted the NFL. Why mess with success?
We also have to hear every other reporter talk about Tom Brady, the genious 6th round QB. You know what? The Pats lucked out. Did New England take Brady in the sixth expecting the guy to inherit the Montana monicker? Yeah, right. When you take a QB in the sixth round in the NFL, you think, "Hey this guy might turn into a serviceable back-up one day." People occaisionally come from the bottom of the heap to the top. That's the NFL. Just don't go saying that they knew it was going to happen.
Dynasties make sports BORING. What good are the games if you already know who's going to win the title? The Factor thinks it's no fun that way. So can the chatter, it doesn't do anyone any good.

And hasn't Boston gotten enough love recently?

Heaven on Earth

The Factor saw his first country music concert last week. Yes, I like country music, wanna fight about it? Now The Factor will be going to every one he can after that. Chicks that dig country music are way hot. The Factor loves girls that gear up in knee-high boots, mini-skirts and cowboy hats in freezing weather to go see people play music. The Factor appreciates the professionalism and commitment that these young women make. The Factor also enjoyed the highly favorable male-to-female ratio at this particular concert. The show itself was unimpressive, but the REAL show was in the stands.

New rules for Fight Club

The Factor is still way psyched about the Illini despite anything that Haberman may say to kill my buzz. The Illini christened their 20th straight win by snapping Wisconsin's 38 game home winning streak. They did so in dramatic fashion, battling back from a late second half deficit to win by 10. The big shots came from backup forward Jack Ingram of all people, who hit two huge threes to pull the Illini into striking range.

The Illini really just seem to have too much for most teams. On Saturday, against Minnesota, the top two Illini scorers, Dee Brown and Luther Head, combined for only 17 points. Normally in college basketball, when your top two scorers don't light it up like that, you lose. With the Illini, someone else, usually two other guys, pick up the slack. In the Saturday's 89-66 victory, Roger Powell and Deron Williams combined for 39 points and led the Illini to victory. Of course it didn't hurt that the Illini held the Gophers to only 36% shooting. Great offense, great defense.

Why are there so many rodent-like mascots in the Big Ten?

On Tuesday, it was the same story. The Fighting Illini went into #12 Michigan State's house and won, nay, controlled the basketball game. Their only big mistake was Dee Brown's tech that let Michigan State cut it to a 7 point deficit late in the second. Seven points - late in the second half. That's the closest they got. It only looked like a comeback attempt because they were down by 15. Late in the second half.

After that, there's a home game against Wisconsin and at clash at Iowa. The rest of the sched is cake. Undefeated season anyone? Is it still too early?

And you know what? This team doesn't need to lose. They lost 7 times last year. James Augustine said something to that effect as well. That's enough for two seasons, easy. The starters are all the same from last year and the key backups are as well. It's the same team. Normally when you're in Fight Club, you don't talk about Fight Club. Well, I'm in Fight Club and I've been talking about it since early January. U-N-D-E-F-E-A-T-E-D. The opposite of defeated. No losses. I'm talking about it and I will continue to do so. And if the Illini lose? Darn, oh well. They still make the Big Dance as a #1 seed and play in a geographically favorable bracket and should they make it, play virtual home games in St. Louis in the Final Four. As an Illini fan, what more could you ask for?

Expect big things in March.


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