Monday, February 07, 2005

Potential Second Agreement of the Day

Truly, the four horsemen must be gathering.

I think I may have found a second point of agreement with Tolles. There is an article in the WaPo today (second article from the top) about Newt Gingrich. While I think he is a pretty smart strategist and his influence on the politics of the last 10 years can't be denied, I never liked the guy.

Anyhoo, I though Tolles might like the following quotes:

The author wrote that as he began an interview with Robert J. Dole, the former
Senate majority leader said with a wry smile and faint twinkle: "So you're doing a hatchet job on Newt, huh? Wouldn't be hard."

God bless you, Bob Dole. And...
"The Clinton White House figured out how to play Newt. They would put the Time
cover with Newt as Man of the Year on the coffee table in front of where they would have Newt sit. Newt would come back into leadership meetings from the White House and tell us how the White House understood his significance."


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