Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tammuz III: Israel/America Attacks?

There are reports of a loud explosion in Bushehr, Iran this morning. Bushehr is one of the sites where the Iranians are believed to be building a nuclear power plant.

In 1981 the Israelis destroyed Tammuz, an Iraqi nuclear facility said to be on the verge of giving Saddam true nuclear capabilities.

In 1991 the Americans destroyed Tammuz II, Saddam's second attempt.

There have been rumors of American drones flying over Iran recently. Whether todays' rumbles from Iran are an attack on a nuclear facility or not, we seem to be headed that direction. Seems like such an attack coupled with continued support of the democracy movement in Iran is a much better option than war.

President Bush has suggested that there would be different means to the end in different countries. With Iraq at the war end of the continuum and North Korea at the diplomatic end, Iran seems to fall somewhere in the middle. No?


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