Wednesday, February 09, 2005


"The Virginia Senate yesterday approved a constitutional amendment that defines traditional marriage as the union of a man and a woman. The Senate voted 30-10 to pass the amendment after an emotional 30-minute debate during which several Democrats likened the measure to the Holocaust."--Washington Times, Feb. 8

From Opinion Journal's Best of the Web


Blogger Tolles said...

You forgot to point out that OpinionJoural is itself quoting from the Washington Times. The Times doesn't provide actual quotes or even context, mind you, it just describes "several Drmocrats likening the measue to the Holocaust."

Since the guy who owns the Washington Times had a coronation ceremony for himself last year, proclaiming himself "Messiah and Returning Lord", I'm sure the Times can be relied up to supply accurate information.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Max Power said...


You lost me here. The quote is immediately followed by "--Washington Times, Feb. 8", so I did not fail to note that the quote came from the Washington Times.

If you are suggesting that I need to point out that their owner is insane any time I mention them, I guess I can do that, but I try to avoid those kinds of cheap shots (even when warrented). For example, I have never mentioned that the owner of the NYTimes is so dumb he could not get into Columbia despite being a Columbia legacy, from a very powerful and wealthy family, and being in line to inherit the most powerful news organ in the world. Or that he brought a small beanbag stuffed moose to a staff meeting as a way to facilitate communication. Anyone can do cheap shots.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Tolles said...

Totally missed the "Washinton Times" citation. Don't know why my eyes immediately jumped to the "OpinionJournal" part. My mistake. I'll make it up to you by leaving snarky comments some other time.

Sulzberger (sp?) didn't make it into Columbia, eh? And? What else, he brought some toy to a meeting.....I'm not seeing the connection between these and crowning yourself Messiah, but maybe that's just me. Or, maybe it's because your examples are nowhere in league with my example. Pointing out raving luncacy is not a cheap shot when the party at is isssue is, in fact, a raving lunatic. Let's not pretend the Washington Times is a legitimate news organ.

And how about those actual quotes and/or context?

1:09 PM  

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