Friday, March 11, 2005

More Zero Tolerance Nonsense

From today's WSJ:

OUTGUNNED: Yadkin County, N.C., student Michael Beam says he switched book bags recently and brought a BB gun to school by mistake. Although he immediately
turned it in to a principal, he was charged with weapons possession and ordered to a group home for rehabilitation. According to a March 9 report on local Channel 12, his distraught parents, including mother Mandi, don't want their child in the arms of the state. But Yadkinville police detective Dawn Perdue told the station that "as a mother you have to step back and think, 'We need to do what's best for our children.'"

So the kid was sent to a foster home? Even a suspension for a kid who clearly did the right thing seems a bit harsh. But to take him away from his family? Maybe if the parent had accidently left a real loaded gun in a backpack and the kid took it to school you could argue parental negligence. But a B-B gun? This is nuts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am familiar with this case, and the whole story has not been divulged. Michael Beam took the BB gun to school on two successive days. He did not turn it over until a teacher saw the gun. He was not removed from the home solely because of this incident, but rather because he was being neglected by his parents. Michael had been ordered to undergo therapy for other problems, but his parents would not take him. Michael also had a medical problem which was not being treated. The article was based on the mother's statement. Court officials and investigators could not tell the whole story because juvenile proceedings are confidential.

9:17 AM  
Blogger Max Power said...

Fair enough. Certainly makes more sense than the story as given. Thanks for the note.

9:20 AM  
Blogger Max Power said...

OK: just noticed that anonymous above came to the site by doing a search for the name of the student and the officer mentioned. Doesn't mean his comments are incorrect, but it does lead to questioning their impartialness.

12:15 PM  

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