Monday, March 21, 2005

The one in which I take a cheap shot at Tolles

Something has always bugged me a little about Tolles' postings. I couldn't quite put my finger on it until I saw this:

Left Wing Blogger Workflow
1) Go to their favorite media outlet and read a news story that bashes: (pick 1 or many) Bush, America, U.S. Soldiers, a member of the Bush administration, Mom (unless she turned lesbian and threw Dad out) or Apple pie.
2) Post excerpt on blog.
3) Agree with every bogus fact, add nothing to the debate except except a link to last week's [now discredited] story.
4) Then finish the post by calling Bush and/or Republicans a dumb name.
5) Whine when the media ignores you.

I don't think #5 applies, but the other 4 seem pretty on the mark. Examples in March include:

Ann Coulter is a lunatic and a racist

Peter King is a dick (in an article where he King praising Hillary Clinton)

David Brooks in is an asshole (in an article where he explains how Republicans have gone wrong)

Jim Bunning is a hypocrite

Not bad considering he only has 7 posts in March and one is about spring training. The thing that is so annoying about it is that Mike is both smart and funny. Everyone who reads this blog and didn't get here by searching for Anna Benson pictures knows that. Come on Mike.


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