Friday, April 01, 2005

The Amazing Berger

Watch as he makes classified documents disappear. Marvel as he wriggles his way out of it with a minimal fine.

I link to this one as I had several liberal friends who insisted that the fact that this story disappeared from the news last July pretty much proved there was nothing to it. Yeah, or it proved that the press didn't care to continue covering it. You know, one or the other.

Because the NYT will take down the link in a week:
...Mr. Berger took a copy of a lengthy White House "after-action" report that he had commissioned to assess the government's performance in responding to the so-called millennium terrorist threat before New Year's 2000, and [1]he placed the document in his pocket, the associate said. [2]A month later, in another Archives session, he removed four copies of other versions of the report, the associate said...
Mr. Berger admits to compounding the mistake after removing the second set of documents on Oct. 2, 2003, the associate said. In comparing the versions at his office later that day, [3] he realized that several were essentially the same, and he cut three copies into small pieces[???], the associate said. He [4]also admitted to improperly removing handwritten notes he had taken at the Archives, the associate said...
Two days later, staff members at the Archives confronted Mr. Berger, and [5]he now admits to misleading the Archives about what had happened.


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