Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Best-Value Burger

Remember the 6 pound burger featured in Hardees new ads? Basically, the ad campaign is: since you'll never get to Denny's Beer Barrel to try their 6 pound burger, Hardees is your next best bet.

Well, Denny has upped the ante. His newest burger is a ludicrous 15 pounds. He brags about this obsenity by saying:

It can feed a family of 10.

Which I'm sure is the point of the whole thing. Yeah you could feed a family of 10, if each of them needed a 1.5 pound burger. But even that is absurdly large.

Why is this the best value burger in America, you may be asking. Well, think about his boast. You really can overfeed a family of 10 with this one $30 burger.


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