Tuesday, May 03, 2005

My Job

Some other time, I'll tell the tale of how my company screwed a small group of employees out of thier bonuses. In short, there were only 4 offices nationwide that were eligible for a bonus based on thier performance. Because the company had a bad year, they withheld the bonus from the only offices who deserved it. So, offices that failed that year saw no penalty while offices that succeeded were punished. For now, accept as given that my company cancelled their bonuses last year. Here is a communication I just got from the HR department about our retirement plan:

Congratulations! As an Associate of (Insert Company Here), you're eligible for a wide array of benefits...
By joining the retirement plan, you'll enjoy the many benefits that (Company) 401K plan offers including:
*Qualifying for an employer contribution that suppliments your own savings-it's like getting a bonus.

Ill thought out or a subtle warning? You make the call.


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