Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Maybe it's just me

Been a rough month at Casa del Power, but I am ready to come back to the blog. I would like to note in passing that the average number of hits at this site was actually higher in my absense than in the last month that I actively posted. Draw your own conclusions.

Anyhoo, Tolles and I have had a couple of interesting e-mail exchanges capped off by his asking me: When are you going to post again so I can rip into something new? Fair enough. I have done some research and have posted a strong and heartfelt opinion of mine below the fold. To view it: click "read more"

Abortionist accused of eating fetuses
Found this on a link from Drudge. Tolles, I feel very, very strongly that abortionists should not eat the fetuses. Neither should they keep fetuses in styrofoam cups in their refrigerators. Maybe we'll have to agree to disagree on this one, Tolles. I'm sorry, that's just the way I feel.


Blogger Tolles said...


And you're slumming over at World Net Daily now? Why not the National Inquirer? Or whatever magazine the scientologists put out?

1:31 PM  
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