Wednesday, July 27, 2005

File it under "unintended consequences"

Tolles has started posting again (and chided me for not posting recently). In a recent post he (prepare to be shocked) doesn't deal with the substantive issue at hand and instead focuses on name-calling (but, see here for an example where he manages to actually discuss the issue at hand...while name calling).

The consequence of his "That Nails It" post was that I checked out National Review Online's feature "The Corner" for the first time in a while. Unsurprisingly, it turns out they are actually dealing with the known facts of the case at hand and attempting to piece together (or speculate) on the unknowns. Also, unsurprisingly, they come to a different conclusion than Tolles and the folks at The Nation (who are also piecing together and speculating).

The unintended part of the consequence is that The Corner led me to this piece in Reason Magazine. The piece discusses how a scientist was scolded at a scientific panel discussion. His crime? He pointed out that the ecological phenomenon of non-native species being introduced into an ecosystem has benefits as well as costs. Who cares? Well, Tolles does. He seems to think that scientists have no agendas (funding, political, or otherwise). Mike: how do you explain the reaction of these scientists without admitting an agenda?


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