Thursday, July 07, 2005

Headline of the Day

Jolie, Pitt Taking Home Ethiopian Orphan

My new staff member's take:

The worst part about this is that they are actually taking the Ethiopian orphan back to his original home. He is actually 17 years old now and, having moved to the States at a young age, was looking forward to pursuing a law degree in the fall on full scholarship to Harvard. Jolie and Pitt decided to make the young man, who had adopted the name Jerrold Phipps, the first person in their new charity program called, "Re-introducing Personal Heritage: Putting the 'child' back into 'Children starving in Third World Countries' to make ourselves feel better about having lots of money without having to actually do anything productive or labor-intensive." But of course you couldn't have been expected to get that from the Headline - it's between the lines.


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